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What is the name of the product that had a little girls panties pulled by puppy a behind her?
i remember the little girl looking shocked and there was a bath tub in the background.
I could not find the bath tub scene- but its coppertone.... Is this the picture you were thinking of?…
When I was very young (4 years old) my mom would play around and dress me as a little girl (dresses, panties,?
When I was very young (4 years old) my mom would play around and dress me as a little girl (dresses, panties, ribbons, bows… everything imaginable) and then proceed to tell me how pretty she thought I was. She seemed to enjoy it quite a lot… but obviously not as much as I did. It got to the point where I started asking to be dressed and treated like this, and for the most part I got my way. Even my baby sitters would let me dress as a little girl and go about my business… the ones who didn’t, well… I always created a reason why I hated them, and they were fired =)

I don’t know if I wanted to be a girl before all this took place… because I’ve wanted to be a girl for as long as I can remember. However, I do know that this picture predicted my entire life… that I will be a girl who loves video games =)

this makes you a crossdresser.

if you go to the doctor & start getting hormone shots, then yes you would be considered a transgender.

then you could eventually get the... surgery...

but until then you are merely a crossdresser.
Everytime me & my boyfriend have sex he always wants me to wear little girl panties & for me?
to wear my hair in pigtails. Do you think that this is wierd.
Well since you said eveytime than yes it's very odd. I wouldn't do it anymore if I were you and see how he reacts. Sounds like a school girl fantasy gone awry.
What type of panties do little girls wear?? not a peedo!?
Hi, im asking this question cause my daughter's pants we're pulled down cause she was wearing little princess panties, and i was wondering what was wrong with this, so i ws wondering what panties young girls wear. btw im not a peedo, i just want to know why my daughter was bullied. She is 6
My daughter is 5 and she wears princess panties. I don't think anything is wrong with that and I don't know why any guys would want to bully her over it.
My little girl wont go poop in toylet but will pee in toylet and she pees in panties looking at you on purpose?
she is 2 and 5 months she pees on toylet but will not poop. She looks terified if she somthing is about to come out of her butt on the toylet and she pees in her panties looking at you on piurpose what do i do about these situations?
She's only two so don't worry to much about it. I work at a daycare and most of them aren't potty trained either. Take her to the potty with you, so her how mommy goes potty and. If your daddy I'm sorry I didn't look at the name, but if daddy encourage her by asking her if she has to go potty and show her and explain. Say this is the potty where we go peepee and poo poo when you have to go you go in there say it everytime andthat goes for mommy as well. You have to introduce them to the potty. Also if you are putting them on the big potty, try giving them their own and put it in a spot where they can see it and go to it when they have to go and gradually move it closer to the bathroom when you feel she is getting the hang of it start introducing her to the big potty but don't put her on it.
LIttle Girl?
One day a little girl came running into her house yelling, "Mommy, I got five
dollars!" The mother was curious, so she asked her guy where she got the five
dollars from.
The little girl replied: ''Tommy down the street gave me five dollars for
doing cartwheel while he sat in the tree.
The mother told her daughter: "Don't you know that Tommy is just trying to see
your panties."
''OOOOhhhh'' said the little girl.
The next day the little girl came running into the house yelling, "Mommy, I
got ten dollars. The mother asked, "Where did you get the ten dollars from?"
The little girl replied, "Tommy down the street gave me ten dollars for doing
a cartwheel while he sat up in the tree and laughed."
The mother replied: "Didn't I tell you that he is...''
Before the mother could finish, the little girl said, ''Wait Mommy! I tricked
him, I didn't wear any panties today.''
omg so funny. i heard so many times still so funny
Im trying to potty train my little girl (2) should i punish her for peeing in her panties?
im trying to potty train my 2 yr old girl which i raise by myself should i punish her for not using the potty and peeing in her undies if so what kind of punishment should i use?
DO NOT PUNISH HER! I know it can be frustrating but you hav to let the accidents go for the first few weeks to a month (sometimes more deoending on the situation). My daughter was potty trained by her second birthday this is what I did:
I made a "chart" (a piece of paper with her name on top 1 half said PEE on top the other half said POOP) then I bought a **** load of stickers. I got her little potty seat and put it in the room we spend 90% of our time in and then also got a potty seat to go over the toilet and a still (so she wouldnt fall in). I took her pants off and just let her sit/watch tv/read on her potty. If I noticed pee in the potty she got to put 1 sticker in the pee section of the chart and we dumped the potty. She basically didnt wear pants for like 5 days and we didnt really leave the house either. I asked her prob every 30 mins to sit on the potty and made her sit for a few mins each time.

The second day no pants no leaving the house. I asked her TONS if she had to use the potty used the stickers again ect. By day 3 she was letting me know almost every time she went. And sometimes she went without telling me! Peeing and Pooping! She kept getting stickers filling her chart. (the whole time she was sleepingin pull ups. Once you start potty training diapers have to go use pull ups for over night she will need them overnight for a while still). After 5 days she was letting me know every time she had to pee/poop and had very few accidents.

A few tips: keep a potty in the room where ever you are most during the day.
Put her in pants that dont have snaps/buttons just elastic waists so she can pull them down quickly on her own (this takes practice too)
DONT be discouraging it is a LEARNED skill we are NOT born knowing that we are supposed to use the potty
Make sure you ask her about 20-30 mins after each meal/snack/time she drinks
Take extra undies/pants with you all the time
If going on a long car ride (more then 30 mins) bring the potty with you
Be loving and proud of her for learning/being big!
Help I ripped off a pair of little girl's panties?
at Target. I don't know why. I don't even have a a guy. I just pulled them off the hanger and stuck them in my pocket. What should I do
i think dateline will b waiting 4 u when u get home

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