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Drunk mom careless with sex with bf?
shes alcholic since i was little my mom and her bfs would have sex and her room is right next to mine and i would hear my mom getting banged everynight now im 19 now but since around 17 i guess she thinks im an adult she has been carless like i once came home with my friend and felt so embaressed there where in the living room doing it.. just now i left my room to get a drink and there she is with her door wide open...I hate her for exposing me to this she is a H O E would any of you do this?
Your mom is not a ... what you said she is, she is just careless. Maybe the drink is the reason for that. You said you went for a drink? I guess not alcohol, right? You don't want to end-up like your mom."One drink can't do any harm", isn't that what they say? You are 19, it's good to be old enough to understand that she is facing a problem, so that you won't do the same desicions she did. Your mom needs some help by you, especially if you disapprove her boyfriend. If her boyfriend seems to be a good guy and loves her and the problem is just that about the sex then be patient with her and try to explain to her boyfriend the situation. Maybe he can understand better. If he is on the same s h i t with her when they make love then just try and ask her REPEATEDLY but nicely when she's sober, to stop this habit with the open doors/places.
I'm 12 and a boy got me drunk and had sex with me if i'm prego can i get taken away from my mom?
I was hanging out with somebody ive known for along time and he got me drunk and had sex with me and now i think i could be pregnant if i am pregnant at the age of 12 can i get taken away from my mom?
'he got me drunk' - what does that even mean? did he hold you down and pour drink into you while you thrashed about trying to get away? did he offer you drink and you made a choice that you would drink it? wasn't it actually you who got yourself drunk?

you say he had sex with you. that's a rather weird way of putting it. why not say 'we had sex''? because that's what happened. you and he, together, had sex. you were a part of it, he was a part of it, and sex happened. unless of course he tied you down or something and then raped you? is that what happened. what did happen, exactly?

what makes you think you're pregnant? do you show any of the warning signs of being pregnant? have you taken a test? or are you just saying that to make things more exciting?

what does your mom even have to do with it? does she somehow enter into the equation?
I went to dinner at my friend docs house and had sex with his drunk mom... and sister. how should i tell him?
i don't like him that much anyway.
Happened to one of my co-workers, only it was her boyfriend who did all those things. You must be related. Anyway, I would not tell him, its none of his business and why embarrass his mother and sister. If you want to gloat, well I guess that's what you want to do, but maybe it's time to be a gentlemen and shut up.
Caught my mom having sex in my bed?
My parents are divorced and I am a senior in high school. Last Saturday me and my friends were having our monthly "movie night" where we spend the night at someone's house and watch movies. Unfortunately, my friend Andrea who was hosting got some sort of stomach flu/food poisoning, so we decided to end early and let her rest.
When I got back (around 1 a.m) I found my mom drunk and having sex with some random guy in MY BED! I quickly walked out and slept on the couch for the night. My mom acts like she doesn't remember the incident, but it is still really awkward between us. She has always been responsible before, and I realize that she has a life of her own. But really, I feel like I'm the adult in this situation. Should I call her out on it? Even though the sheets are clean now, I still have a hard time forgetting what went on in my bed!
I would. Yeah, she has a life of her own and deserves her own...erhm....pleasures, but isn't that what her own bed is for? I don't think that no matter how lonely I was, I could have sex on my guys bed. That's creepy.
I can only have sex with my boyfriend of 9 years when im drunk?
I am 32 year old mom of 4. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 10 years. Things started out great as usual but I don't know what is going on but I am not in the mood unless we are drinking. This has been going on for over a year now and he has had enough! He has vowed to never drink with me again because he is tired of having drunk sex! I don't know what to do I love him dearly and want to please him but simply can not... frustrated and concerned
Your sex drive is probably just down which can happen for a number of reasons. A lot of time if your on Birth Control this can and will eventually happen. Just go to your Gyno and let him/her know. They will help you, example: change your BC, give you ideas or "help" (lubs and stuff). They will be able to help you figure out the cause.
What can happen if the mother is drunk at the moment of conception?
We all know what happens to the baby when the mother drinks during her pregnancy, but what about if the mom had sex while drunk and got pregnant from that night? Would there be any harm done to the baby?
I wouldnt think so alot of women end up pregnant while being drunk the night of conception and i have never heard of anything being wrong with the baby so yeah i would have to go with prrob not.
I had drunk sex with a 20 year old guy, I'm 13?!?
A month ago, I had unprotected sex with a 20 year old guy at my best friends house. I was incredibly drunk, and he was drunk and high on cocaine [ which I didn't know at the time ]. I don't remember most of it, I'm pretty sure I gave him permission to have sex with me, but I as DRUNK ! I regret everything, and I have flashbacks all the time. It's ruined me in ways I cannot even explain.
My older cousins found out, and they aren't very good guys, they said they can go and "talk" to him, aka to beat him up. They said they can't do it until I tell the police, but I don't know if I want to tell the police. What if I get into trouble with the police for being drunk ? My mom knows though, so I don't worry about that. Help :( Please tell me the laws, and things that will or may happen to me or the guy . Advice ?!
WTF..........why the hell were you drinking in the first place???
If a man is high or drunk and has sex...?
and he finds out the woman he had sex with gets pregnant, can there be something wrong with the baby? cuz i know if the mom drinks or smokes during pregnancy the baby can get affected but what about the man if hes high or drunk during sex?
No. The man only contributes one cell to the baby. The baby manufactures all its other cells from the environment supplied by the mother during pregnancy.

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